This season we are introducing new products "MiiR Wide Mouth" and "ABG Tote Bag",
which are designed to cover all levels of needs and are perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle,
available in stores and online shop now!

▪️ ABG Coffee x MiiR Wide Mouth
Capacity: 16oz
Material: Stainless steel (cup) / Polypropylene (lid)

▪️ ABG Tote Bag
Size: H450mm × W340mm
Height of the bag including the handle: 660mm

🎄 Holiday Sale 精選商品限時優惠
來店購買MiiR Wide Mouth附ABG Tote Bag,數量有限。
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ABG Coffee blue bottle 咖啡廳 Coffee 王信凱 MiiR 余文樂 咖啡 郭柏佐 台北咖啡廳 ALWAYS BEAN GOOD ABG Coffee 咖啡廳 Coffee 王信凱 余文樂 咖啡 郭柏佐 MiiR 台北咖啡廳 ABG Coffee 咖啡廳 Coffee 王信凱 余文樂 MiiR 咖啡